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Air PT

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The Next Uber of

the Personal Training World

This project was an assignment to help build up our portfolio. We had the choice of a range of client provided briefs. I decided to go with a Perth Advertising and Design Club competition. The brief was for Air PT as an West Australian innovation into the fitness industry. It would give reputable personal trainers a chance to offer once off sessions.

It required us to create a number of different pages for the app, such as a profile, training type, session times & location.  To add to this, the Air PT App has two iterations – one for the public and one for personal trainers.  We were also required to create possible external applications for the branding.



The first thing I did was the research on the target audience.


After having the target audience narrowed down I researched the competition.


Finally, I combined the research and the branding to develop the final designs.

GPS Location

Utilizing the same map system as Uber users are able to set their meeting location


With just 4 clicks the users could have a personal training sessions booked


The users are able to refine their search to not only save money but to get the type of training session they would like

Qualified Trainers

All of the trainers would be a high qualification and be very reputable