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Happy Hours Perth

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Love a Happy Hour

This project was an assignment to help build up our portfolio. We were given free reign to what we wanted to create. At the time I was looking for things to do around Perth that were really unique and different. I was having a bit of a hard time trying to find anything easily, which made me really hate websites that are based on Perth as the information seems to really be lacking.

This got me on a bit of a tangent about how poor the scene in Perth truely is. So I wanted to create something in hopes of helping provide the people of Perth some very useful information. Which lead to “Happy Hours Perth”.



The first thing I did was the research on the target audience.


After having the target audience narrowed down I researched the competition.


Finally, I combined the research and the branding to develop the final designs.


The biggest selling point to this concept is the custom countdown for the happy hours.

GPS Location

To show accurate travel times Google maps has been utilized.

UI Design

This is the perfect mobile app concept. There is a lot of room for additional areas such as a pub crawl add-on.

Customer Reviews

If the app was live it would utilize the latest review systems