Local Brews

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Local Brews

  • 48 Page Catalog
  • App Design
Graphic Design


From Paper

to Digital

This project was a little bit different to the other featured ones as it required me to create a print-ready catalogue. The background behind the idea of creating a catalogue for local brews was we were asked to create a catalogue based on something that you could easily collect and we needed more than 10 items.

Being interested in the craft beer scene I always find myself looking at the branding on the bottles at the local bottle shop. The array of colours and styles I thought that it visually would be a really strong choice of type of subject.

Making Study a Little More Enjoyable

With the subject chosen I had to think of a way to make this catalogue unique. I had to think hard about the styling as the target audience is really broad when it comes down to brews.

Mainstream Lagers Sales
Craft Beer Sales
Max Target Age

QR Scanner

A main point of the app concept is the QR scanner. Where the user can scan the bottle for quick information


Quick directions to the nearest bottle shops that are supplying the brews

Local Support

Provides the users with unbias information so they can choose


Provides the users with an area of discussion and reviews for the brewers

The complete print ready Local Brew catalog

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