About Me

I want to make new things, not repeat, not to get comfortable, but to always find new ways to do things.

My Mindset

I enjoy being outdoors, which sounds crazy when you think about my career path, the way the weather can change your mood for me is amazing.

I get a really big reward for completing things with my own hands, I really like to do things myself. I don’t see the need to pay someone more for something that I could do, not well, but still able to try to do.

How I Got Into Design

My interest in design has really progressed over the years. Before university I hadn’t really planned on doing any study, instead, I was taking up media classes and just messing around.

I have always really loved making little videos, I would record a little snippet in a game, throw into the windows movie editor and just spend hours playing around with it.

Interest Turned Passion

Once I got into university I realised I would have to decide on a topic and I went down the route of web work. I think the biggest interest into the web for me is that its always going to be changing. There’s a lot of technology going into mobiles and other devices for the web to ever become a stagnant industry and for me to ever settle.

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